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Pity the poor streamers

Wind turbine blades rip through federally protected golden and bald eagles and other raptors, but rather than fine the industry, the Obama administration quietly expanded their permits. Meanwhile, in Alaska, the Interior Department prohibited a remote fishing village from building a gravel road, saying it would affect eelgrass that serves as a way-stop meal for migratory birds.
30 Aug 2014

Study: It's possible to power all of California with clean energy, but...

A new study claims that California could power itself entirely with wind, water, solar, and geothermal energy by 2050, ...The catch is that California would need to build miles utility-scale solar power plants and wind turbines covering 3,426 square miles of the state  with offshore wind installations covering an additional 1,406 square miles of the Pacific Ocean.
9 Aug 2014

Tule Wind Eagle Permit Rejection

Usfws_tule_eaglepermitreject_8-1-14_thumb The US Fish and Wildlife Service denied Iberdrola's request for an eagle take permit. The rejection letter is provided below and can be accessed by clicking the link on this page. Iberdrola's application was one of the first to seek a 30-year term on the permit. In addition to the FWS letter, you can also view Iberdrola's cover letter submitted with its permit application where the company cites its interest in a long-term permit. 
1 Aug 2014

'No On Windmills' group speaks up

“Our purpose is to protect the environmental and economic well-being of the High Mojave Desert, and to support a sustainable future, while safeguarding against activities that may harm the High Mojave Desert,” Ravana said in his letter.
27 Jul 2014

2 supervisors oppose giant wind project

Supervisors James Ramos and Robert A. Lovingood submitted a joint letter to the Bureau of Land Management on Thursday strongly opposing the North Peak Wind Project planned for 16.4 square miles of mountain ridges overlooking much of the Victor Valley.
25 Jul 2014

Investigation launched into hydraulic oil leaks at Ocotillo Wind Facility

Residents have documented oil leaks at over 40% of all turbines on the project. “We [Department of Toxic Substances Control with the California Environmental Protection Agency ] have directed OWE to remove the contamination containing used oil and handle it as hazardous waste. We also asked OWE for an explanation as to why the oil is being released, and to remove any additional oil as it is discovered.”
22 Jul 2014

Drought hinders state's emissions goals

After falling for years, California's greenhouse gas emissions rose 1.7 percent in 2012, pushed up by the drought and the closure of the San Onofre nuclear plant in San Diego County. The state has not yet released emissions data for 2013.
20 Jul 2014

Eagles killed by Palm Springs windmills raise concerns

The permitting system relies on wind energy companies and other parties to be forthcoming about how many dead birds they find on their property. Critics say that system effectively can encourage companies to infrequently monitor and look the other way. "My question is why should anybody tell the government that they're killing federally protected birds?" Hutchins said in a telephone interview from Washington.
3 Jul 2014

San Leandro company to install four short wind turbine towers

Heron Bay Homeowners Association won its lawsuit when a judge agreed that San Leandro should have required an environmental review before approving the tall turbine in April 2013. But Halus Power Systems now will put up four 60-foot turbines within the industrial area's height limit, so no special permission or environmental review is required.
13 Jun 2014

Wind farm lawsuit to proceed in Montana

SDG&E filed a lawsuit Dec. 19 in California Superior Court seeking to terminate the power purchase and investment contracts alleging NaturEner did not meet avian protections called for in the contracts. Late last month, it filed an amended complaint alleging NaturEner fraudulently concealed that federal wildlife officials recommend an eagle take permit.
2 May 2014
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