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Defending Dr. Sarah Laurie, Defamation Speech

Schultz-defamation-300513_thumb This speech was delivered on the floor of the Australian House of Representatives in harsh response to an anonymous letter of complaint filed against Dr. Sarah Laurie. The complaint is viewed by many as a part of a larger campaign to discredit Dr. Laurie and her work to disclose the health effects of siting wind turbines too close to where people live.
30 May 2013

Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruling on the Cherry Tree Wind Farm Pty Ltd

P2910_2012_cherry_tree_pty_ltd_v_mitchell_sc_(hmw_apl_pp_040413)_final_thumb The Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) ruling on the Cherry Tree Wind Farm Pty Ltd proposal to erect 16 industrial scale wind turbines (3.5 MW each). This ruling is unique in that the Commissioners deferred a decision on the impact of the project on human health until further, planned studies can be conducted at a project with similarly sized turbines.
10 Apr 2013

Wind farms in Eastern Australia – Recent Lessons

Miskelly-easternaustralia-recent-lessons_thumb Academic discussion continues as to whether a fleet of grid-connected wind farms, widely dispersed across a single grid network, can provide a reliable electricity supply. One opinion is that wide geographical dispersion of wind farms provides sufficient smoothing of the intermittent and highly variable output of individual wind farms enabling the wind farm fleet to provide for base load demand. In an examination of the 5-minute time-averaged wind farm operational data for 21 large wind farms connected to the eastern Australian grid - geographically the largest, most widely dispersed, single interconnected grid in the world (AER, [1]) - this paper challenges that opinion. The conclusion of this paper is provided below. The full paper can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
8 Jan 2013

Alby Schultz speaks on the impacts of wind development on his constituents in Australia

Hansard_frag_thumb The Federal Member for Hume, Alby Schultz has written to Premier O'Farrell requesting an immediate moratorium on any further wind turbine development in New South Wales pending a possible public inquiry. An excerpt of his speech before the House of Representatives is below. The full speech can be accessed by clicking on one of the links at the bottom of the page.
24 May 2011

Turitea Wind Farm proposal: draft report and decision

Turitea-draft-report_thumb The New Zealand Ministry for the Environment Board of Inquiry released this draft report and decision on the proposed Turitea wind energy facility. The project initially consisted of 122 turbines but later reduced to include a maximum of 104 – 2.3MW turbines or 96 – 3MW turbines with an installed capacity of up to 288MW. The draft decision further reduces the turbine count to 61 towers. An excerpt from the executive summary is provided below. The full report can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
8 Feb 2011

Australian wind farm proposal abandoned

Origin_press_release_thumb Origin Energy, an Australian energy company, has faced substantial public opposition to its wind proposal planned for the Tuki area of Central Victoria in Australia. Scott Hargreaves of Origin sent an email to the Ballarat-based Courier newspaper today (April 22) announcing that the company was abandoning the project. The email is posted below and can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.
22 Apr 2010

Stockyard Hills and Mt. Fyans Wind Farms lease agreement

Shwef_lease094_thumb This document includes two separate agreements executed between the landowner and Wind Power Pty Ltd. The Stockyard Hills facility is proposed to include 242 turbines for an installed capacity of 484 megawatts. Origin Energy Ltd has since acquired Wind Power Pty. The Mt. Fyans wind proposal is no longer under consideration. Origin is still pursuing the Stockyard Hills project.
29 Nov 2009

S.B. Cox testimony regarding the Te Uku wind project

Publicgoodeconomicsteukuwindscox20071128_thumb Mr. Sean Cox presented evidence at the Resource Management Act hearing for the Te Uku wind farm which directly countered the economic case for the wind farm, its carbon emissions justification, the available wind resource at Te Uku, adverse noise and health effects, and challenged the expertise of some of wind developer Wel's consultants. When completed, Wel counsel Simon Berry asked that the hearing be adjourned to permit the developer time to respond to Mr. Cox's submission. An excerpt of Mr. Cox's testimony is included below. The full transcript can be accessed by clicking on one of the two links provided.
28 Nov 2007

Why Wind Power is Ineffective and Solar is Better

Last December some electrical power generation information for the Wonthaggi wind farm came my way. The information provides the power produced, or used, each hour for each of the 6 turbines between 1 June 06 and 22 June 06. Although it is for a limited period it illustrates, particularly when graphed, where the problem lies with wind power. That is, because it is dependent on wind availability and strength, the power produced is variable and unpredictable, requiring that some other electric power source be available at short notice to supplement what a wind farm produces.
24 Jan 2007

Documentation Related to the Proposed Bald Hills Wind Farm, Victoria, Australia

Belinda_appleton_'s_statement_of_evidence_bats_thumb Compliments of Andrew Chapman, the attached pdf files contain extensive documentation particularly with respect to the impact of wind turbines on wildlife as part of an ongoing effort to prevent the construction of the Bald Hills Wind Farm, South Gippsland, Victoria. While it has been approved by the Victorian State Government the presence in the Bald Hills area of migratory species of national and international significance that are protected by treaties with Japan and China in the Bald Hills has placed the final decision in the hands of the Federal Government. This decision is pending.
9 Mar 2006

Macarthur Wind Farm P/L - Statement of Submission to Planning Panel Hearing by James Lyon

Macartherobjectionpres_thumb The Guidelines require that “In order to facilitate a viable wind energy industry, planning applications need to include sufficient information and explanation to allow responsible authorities to come to sound and timely decisions”. Unfortunately, the application for a planning permit by Macarthur Wind Farm P/L fails to include sufficient information. The panel should therefore recommend that the a permit not be granted, and should ask the proponent to resubmit its application with (i) A full estimate of all economic costs of the proposal, both internal and external. (ii) A soundly based forecast of greenhouse gas abatement outcomes, based on the best available data and an independent, peer reviewed computer modelling of the NEM (iii) A full, project specific, assessment of the energy and greenhouse gas costs of the proposal itself, including all directly and indirectly associated activities.
28 Feb 2006

Man Made Myth: Is Global Warming Mankind's Deadliest Creation- You Decide

Kyotomanmademythiee_thumb Billions of dollars are being spent to stop so-called manmade global warming. Already we have been told "it is a bigger threat to manking than international terrorism", with runaway warming, rises in sea levels and increases in the number of floods, hurricanes, droughts and tropical diseases predicted. Faced with this, a pragmatic technological society might decide it would get best value for money by modernising existing inefficient coal-fired stations, building nuclear power stations and efficient transport. But instead, we have poured sources into renewables.
1 Jun 2005
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