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Still none the wiser

The Development Assessment Commission has received all oral and written submissions for and against the Keyneton Wind Farm and will deliberate for the two months on whether the wind farm should, or should not, go ahead.
27 Feb 2013

Farmers Assoc wind farm guide a farce

The NSW Farmers Association's first wind farm guide supposedly to help farmers make informed choices on whether to host wind turbines is an irresponsible act of partisan pro wind turbine propaganda. Lack of forensic research background on wind turbines and their impact on communities, fire fighting, neighbours of host farmers, gag clauses, litigation issues and health to name but a few is not just an oversight it is downright amateurish and lazy incompetence.
29 Jan 2013

Thompson Turbines fan fire concern

A controversial wind farm bid is under fire from dozens of local firefighters who say it could have disastrous consequences. Residents of Whiteheads Creek, east of Seymour, have dug in with Mitchell Shire Council to battle the $100 million Cherry Tree Wind Farm project in a 12-day VCAT hearing.
24 Jan 2013

Electricity shock for powerless people

Prince Charles claims to have a small carbon footprint but others beg to differ...The prince offsets carbon emissions from his homes and U.K. flights with Climate Care, which invests in sustainable projects such as wind turbines in India and cleaner cooking stoves in Honduras. Foreign flights are expected to be offset as part of a governmenTo outsiders and insiders alike the way the national electricity market operates can seem one of the marvels of the universe - not only in complexity, but in the way commercial realities can be distorted. For example, who would have believed that wholesale electricity prices could be negative?t fund later this year.
15 Jan 2013

Wind farms in Eastern Australia – Recent Lessons

Miskelly-easternaustralia-recent-lessons_thumb Academic discussion continues as to whether a fleet of grid-connected wind farms, widely dispersed across a single grid network, can provide a reliable electricity supply. One opinion is that wide geographical dispersion of wind farms provides sufficient smoothing of the intermittent and highly variable output of individual wind farms enabling the wind farm fleet to provide for base load demand. In an examination of the 5-minute time-averaged wind farm operational data for 21 large wind farms connected to the eastern Australian grid - geographically the largest, most widely dispersed, single interconnected grid in the world (AER, [1]) - this paper challenges that opinion. The conclusion of this paper is provided below. The full paper can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.
8 Jan 2013

Blow to big wind in the power-market stakes

The fall in value of the world's major renewable energy companies has mirrored the faltering practical actions from the world's major economies to make deep and speedy cuts to carbon dioxide emissions. From the peak of dashed political climate-change aspirations in Copenhagen in 2009, the value of the world's major wind and solar companies has been in free fall.
5 Jan 2013
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