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Policy and planning guidelines for development of wind energy facilities in Victoria

52_32_thumb The Victoria Planning Provisions are undergoing amendments to account for wind energy development. Several key elements of the amendments are posted below. Three documents explaining the changes can be accessed by selecting the links at the bottom of this page. The changes prohibit the siting of turbines (a) within two kilometres of a existing dwellings unless written consent from the owner of the dwelling is provided, (b) in areas with high conservation and landscape values, and (c) locations that feature a high degree of amenity, environmental value, or are a significant tourist destination.
1 Aug 2011

Brief of evidence by Dr Dave Bennett called by the Tararua-Aokautere Guardians Inc.

Drdavidbennettnoise_thumb In October 2006, Palmerston North City Council and Horowhenua District Council received land use consent applications from Motorimu Wind Farm Limited to construct, operate and maintain 129 wind turbines as part of a proposal known as the ‘Motorimu Wind Farm’. In June 2007, consent was granted for 75 of the proposed turbines to be constructed with consent declined for the remaining 52 turbines. Motorimu appealed the decision arguing it needed all 129 turbines for the project to be viable. This month the Environmental Count granted Motorium permission to erect up to 80 turbines. Dr. Dave Bennett's testimony was entered into the record before the Environment Court.
8 Oct 2008
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