Documents from Australia

Australia Case Report: Cross-Sensitisation to infrasound and low frequency noise 23 Nov 2017
Australia A new methodology for investigating ILFN complaints 18 Jun 2017
Australia Soundscape of a wind farm – The Cape Bridgewater experience 29 Jan 2016
Australia Comments by Queensland Government Noise Expert - Dr Antoine David 26 Aug 2015
Australia Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines: Final Report 3 Aug 2015
Australia Dr. Robert McMurtry Testimony before Australian Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines 29 Jun 2015
Australia Australian administration supports renewables other than wind power: Letter 23 Jun 2015
Australia Australian Federal Senator Madigan examines cost of Australia's renewable energy target 16 Jun 2015
Australia Farmers Testimony: 'The noise was unbearable' 10 Jun 2015
Australia Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Acoustic Study: A review of this study and where it is leading 20 Feb 2015
Australia Hanning: Sleep disturbance and wind turbine noise 1 Feb 2015
Australia Cape Bridgewater wind farm acoustic study 21 Jan 2015
Australia Comparison of the noise levels measured in the vicinity of a wind farm for shutdown and operational conditions 16 Nov 2014
Australia Cooper findings 6 Aug 2014
Australia Noise monitoring in the vicinity of the Waterloo Wind Farm 26 May 2014
Australia A highly alarming position paper from a Medical association (Australian AMA) 7 Apr 2014
Australia Dr. Bruce Rapley response to Australian Medical Association 28 Mar 2014
Australia Dr. Gary D Hopkins MD: Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines 20 Mar 2014
Australia Wisconsin Dr. Jay Tibbetts: Wind turbines impact human health 18 Mar 2014
Australia Australian Senator John Madigan on turbine health impacts 17 Mar 2014
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