Articles filed under Legal from Australia

Australia Supreme Court upholds Council decision; Bald Hills wind farm loses its appeal 27 Aug
Australia Bald Hills Wind Farm neighbours win historic legal battle against turbines 'too close to homes' 20 Aug
Australia Birdwatcher's vow: I will take wind farm fight to high court 27 May
Australia New wind farm legal stoush blows up 11 Feb
Australia Australian watchdog sues four wind farm operators over 2016 blackout 7 Aug 2019
Australia Windfarm operators taken to court over South Australian blackout 7 Aug 2019
Australia Award-winning sheep farmers sue AGL over wind farm construction 30 Jun 2019
Australia Gippsland wind farm adversely affecting residents, independent report says 13 Sep 2018
Australia Portland wind farm rift between families before Nathan Lovett-Murray’s uncle died, correspondence shows 28 Apr 2016
Australia Lal Lal group challenges wind farm laws in court 19 Apr 2016
Australia Wind farm court challenge 19 Apr 2016
Australia Gullen Range Wind Farm wins right to keep turbines which were too close to homes 17 Sep 2015
Australia Wind farm at Gullen Range a 'mess' as matter heads back to court 26 Jan 2015
Australia NSW government takes legal action to move wind power turbines near Crookwell 13 Oct 2014
Australia Legal action launched against wind farm over turbine locations 13 Oct 2014
Australia King Island wind farm legal challenge returns to court 5 Feb 2014
Australia Bird data ‘went missing’ during wind farm probe 20 Jan 2014
Australia Renewable energy target faces delay amid calls for Abbott to scrap policy 8 Jan 2014
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