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$2b King Island wind farm scrapped

Among the factors directing Hydro's decision were "changing economic conditions" including a high Australian dollar, that had increased capital costs by some $150 million since the project was first proposed in 2012. Revenue projections had also taken a blow from declining demand on the national grid, Mr Davy said.
27 Oct 2014

Australia's biggest blades slated for proposed wind farm

The technology's evolution in the capital region has been a beacon for developers amid a federal government review of the Renewable Energy Target. But it's also divided politicians and residents with federal treasurer Joe Hockey dubbing farms in the Lake George area "utterly offensive" and a "blight on the landscape".
17 Oct 2014

Farmer rejects wind turbines - and $30,000 carrot

Mrs Garry's husband John died in April. She said while he considered hosting wind farm infrastructure; he eventually rejected them. "They are just hideous. The government is paying subsidies, if they don't pay, if they pull the rug, the turbines will be left here to rust."
30 Sep 2014

Acciona wind farms on hold over RET uncertainty

A western Victorian renewable energy company says recommendations from a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) have increased uncertainty about the industry's future. The report proposes options including abolishing the target by 2030 or closing the scheme to new entrants.
1 Sep 2014

Australia’s wind turbines may stop spinning as banks foreclose

While wind farms in Australia can have long term power purchase agreements out to 2030, the financing arrangements are much shorter, usually around 5 years. This means that most, if not all, wind farms, will be up for refinancing in the next few years. When that happens, the major banks will review the state of the market, and are either likely to raise the price of debt, or do an “equity sweep.”
1 Sep 2014

Windfarm group demands action

Opponents of a proposed wind farm near Tarago are calling on the state government to ‘do its job.’ Community consultative committees (CCCs) are mandatory under guidelines but are nothing more than a ‘fig leaf,’ says a residents’ group.
4 Aug 2014

69 turbines in wrong spot

In April a Department of Planning investigation found that 69 of the Gullen Range wind farm’s 73 turbines had been built in the wrong location. On Wednesday the Department recommended that just two of these be pulled down and put in the right spot.
2 Aug 2014

Port lease won't allow for new wind turbine

State government  bureaucrats have specifically banned the future construction of wind turbines and wind farms from the leased port area. ...‘‘The experience in Brisbane was if you give a little bit over for this and another bit for that, the port operations get pushed right to the mouth of the port.’’
27 Jul 2014
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