Library from Australia

Australia USA Report: Renewable Energy is bigger ‘Scam’ than Bernie Madoff and Enron 9 Oct 2017
Australia End of Clean Energy Target should not come as a shock 9 Oct 2017
Australia Labor stands by renewable energy target 9 Oct 2017
Australia Germany Taxpayer support for renewable energy simply cannot be justified 7 Oct 2017
Australia Someone keeps shooting at a well-known Victorian wind farm 27 Sep 2017
Australia Farmer may be gone with the wind farm and do a blade runner 24 Sep 2017
Australia We’ll have it right when renewables mafia squeals 19 Sep 2017
Australia Dumping green folly will secure energy future, reboot economy 15 Sep 2017
Australia Wind farms loom as ballot box issue 13 Sep 2017
Australia Wind fail: blow me down 8 Sep 2017
Australia Taxpayers to shell out up to $350 million for Andrews’ energy plan 3 Sep 2017
Australia Walkamin residents claim mountain turned into “eyesore” by wind farm construction 31 Jul 2017
Australia Wind turbine syndrome: infrasound and fury 5 Jul 2017
Australia Investigation underway following accident at White Rock 29 Jun 2017
Australia New study to shed light on potential health risks of wind turbines 29 Jun 2017
Australia Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union slam Goldwind Australia after White Rock Wind Farm accident 27 Jun 2017
Australia Lack of wind a big blow for Infigen and power prices 23 Jun 2017
Australia Rudd claimed warming policies would cost us just "$1 per year" 21 Jun 2017
Australia A new methodology for investigating ILFN complaints 18 Jun 2017
Australia Lord Howe Island's plan for renewable energy rejected over 'visual impact' of wind turbines 14 Jun 2017
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