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Senate inquiry calls for new national rules to curb wind farms

The Abbott government should draw up national rules restricting how wind farms are built and operated and punish states that do not accept them, a Senate committee has urged. In its final report published on Monday evening, the committee puts forward a range a measures to curb wind farms, including recommendations to reduce support for projects under the national renewable energy target.
3 Aug 2015

Wind farms – another con?

South Australian grazier Clive Gare, with 19 turbines on his property giving a million dollar income across five years, told the Senate inquiry the noise has been unbearable. He was initially excited about hosting renewable energy, but now believed "towers should not be any closer than 5 kilometres to a dwelling".
28 Jun 2015

More barriers to wind farms likely by Senate vote

There are concerns the Federal Government will introduced new rules with its RET to reflect Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s personal dislike of turbines. ...One trade-off in talks with crossbenchers has been the appointment of a wind farm commissioner and an ombudsman to investigate wind farms’ possible impacts on health.
19 Jun 2015

Moyne Shire says wind farm planning fees far short of costs

Wind farm permit work costs Moyne Shire Council 15 times more than it receives in application fees paid by energy companies, a Senate committee heard yesterday. State standard fees for major projects set a $16,130 maximum that councils can charge a proponent, yet Moyne has calculated the full costs are closer to $250,000.
10 Jun 2015

End the smug untouchability of the wind industry

What disturbs me about this is that, as the inquiry has heard, wind farms are not required to limit or even monitor their infrasound emissions. And unless something changes, it is absolutely certain that tens of thousands of people who live within a few kilometres of these new turbines will become sick. Some argue the evidence linking wind turbines to adverse health effects is too tenuous to warrant action. It is true that it is not yet well understood. Nonetheless, there is already quite a lot of evidence and it is building.
10 Jun 2015

Emission cuts due to wind power ‘not so big as claimed’

Joseph Wheatley analysed the output of 256 generators connected to the national electricity market last year. His research, funded by private individuals through the Association for Research of Renewable Energy in Australia, found that while wind provided 4.5 per cent of national electricity generation, it reduced emissions by only 3.5 per cent.
16 May 2015

Wind turbines hell to live near, residents tell Portland hearing

Life near turbines is hell, according to a panel of south-west property owners who have battled against wind farms for the best part of a decade. ...“The number of deformed lambs increased over the period of the wind farm operating near our property. The lambing rate in our merino stock decreased to a rate of 37 per cent from 85 per cent prior to the wind farms being established.”
1 Apr 2015

Wind turbine study finds possible correlation between noise and residents' complaints, researcher says

A pilot study into wind farm noise and residents' reactions to it has identified a special noise signature that could give new insights for medical research, the study's lead author says. Researchers, commissioned by Pacific Hydro, took sound measurements near the company's Cape Bridgewater wind farm, in south-west Victoria, which has been operating for six years.
21 Jan 2015

The new protectionism: renewable energy industry’s shameless self-promotion

The Summit urged the government to keep forcing consumers to give money to the industry so that it could continue to employ people and finance campaigns that undermine the economy. With a product that cannot possibly be competitive without massive subsidies, it is understandable that the renewables sector would target a great deal of their expenditure on marketing to the political actors and into tv ads.
5 Dec 2014

Obama ignored embassy’s warnings on climate change speech

Historians of the US-Australia relationship are unable to nominate a case of a visiting president making such a hostile speech for the host government. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has accused Mr Obama of speaking in ignorance about the joint plans by the federal and Queensland governments to act to preserve the Great Barrier Reef. 
22 Nov 2014
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