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Pacific Hydro write-down

Heavyweight fund manager IFM Investors has taken a $685 million write-down on its Pacific Hydro renewable energy business due to the adverse impact of the Abbott government's Warburton review, weaker electricity demand in Australia, and tax changes in Chile.
5 Oct 2014

Clean energy targets reviewed

The future is unclear for landholders with existing wind turbines as the federal government considers the recommendations of a review into the Renewable Energy Target scheme. The review recommends a halt to the scheme it claims is costing taxpayers $422 billion in industry subsidies.
15 Sep 2014

Australia abolishes divisive carbon tax

"Scrapping the carbon tax is a foundation of the government's economic action strategy," said Abbott, who once said evidence blaming mankind for climate change was "absolute crap". "A useless, destructive tax which damaged jobs, which hurt families' cost of living and which didn't actually help the environment is finally gone," he added.
17 Jul 2014
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