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Maharashtra has lost huge chunk of forest to wind power projects

Maharashtra lost the second largest chunk of forest land to wind power projects, reveals a report released by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Wednesday. ..."We recommend strict green norms for wind power projects." Bhushan said linear fragmentation -- the building of roads and transmission lines -- has the biggest impact on forests, wildlife and water bodies.
5 Jul 2013

These problems are blowing in the wind

With 80 per cent of the country's electricity coming from fossil fuels and nuclear energy, renewable sources of energy such as wind-power are becoming essential. However, it seems that this apparently ‘clean' energy has a few dirty secrets as far as the environment is concerned.
4 Jul 2013

Sinovel Wind to Shut Four Overseas Subsidiaries

Sinovel Wind Group Co. has confirmed that it is closing four international subsidiaries, marking the latest setback for the company, which is one of China's largest wind-turbine manufacturers. In a filing to the Shanghai Stock Exchange on Monday, Sinovel said it would shut its units in the U.S., Belgium, Italy and Canada. It is unclear how large these units are.
2 Jul 2013

Wind turbine troubles

InfraVest also stepped up security by having dozens of security guards on site at all time, where they trail, film, question and prevent visitors, residents and students from going to the beach and embankment and approaching the construction site. Their behavior is illegal, as they have no law enforcement authority.
17 Jun 2013

Wind power firm hires thugs to protect site

The white shirts were obviously on edge, ready to snap - and they did the next day, on Saturday, during another protest near the site. Video footage obtained by the Times shows a larger number of white shirts pulling at and dragging protesters away, both near the site and atop the ridge.
10 Jun 2013

Residents rally against wind energy

Dozens of residents of Yuanli Township (苑裡), Miaoli County, yesterday rallied in front of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) against a wind turbine project they say is too close to their homes and violates the minimum distance required by the environmental impact assessment (EIA).
29 May 2013

Turbine collapse in Japan

Turbine_falls_after_tower_snaps_thumb A 38-ton wind turbine crashed 50 meters to the ground in Kyoto Prefecture after the steel column supporting it snapped. The massive Dutch-made turbine, which sat atop a Japanese-made steel column, was part of a mountain wind farm. It was put up in 2001 with an expected life of at least 17 years.
16 Mar 2013

Weak carbon credit prices drag on wind power prospects

Unless advanced economies adopt more ambitious reduction targets and are willing to use CDM to fulfill them, demand for carbon credits cannot easily recover. But uncertain economic and industrial production outlook in developed economies and a huge oversupply of carbon credits do not bode well for the market.
11 Mar 2013

Proposal to hike wind energy costs upsets Mahavitaran

Mahavitaran is opposing the "irrational" pricing of wind energy on various grounds. Unlike solar energy there hasn't been any breakthrough technology. For a stagnant technology the MERC is proposing a tariff range of Rs. 3.86 per unit to Rs. 5.80 ...The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) or Mahavitaran says it cannot accept the high cost of wind energy and is against passing on that cost to consumers.
17 Feb 2013

TWP requested to suspend Miaoli wind turbine project

On Wednesday, more than 200 Miaoli residents led by County Representative Liu Bao-ling protested outside the Ministry of Economic Affairs to demand that the bureau end TWP's wind turbine installations amid concerns the project would damage the county's landscape, make low-frequency noise and affect drivers' safety.
19 Jan 2013

Ministry wants competitive bidding for renewable energy procurement

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy wants to make procurement of electricity from renewable sources also through competitive bidding process, just as in the case of conventional power. ...The Indian wind industry is already in trouble. Two major incentives - generation-based incentive and accelerated depreciation - have been withdrawn from the beginning of the year.
30 Dec 2012
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