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Technology to Bring Back Coal Plant to Front Stage

"When you gasify coal and burn the resulting gas, you can easily remove the hazardous materials from it, such as mercury. We have already developed the gasification technology needed for the power generation. What we need to do is to pull down the cost and find good business partners in Korea, Japan and China."
15 May 2006

Contract for largest windmill powers wind energy

BEIJING, March 14 -- Shanghai Electric Power Generation Group has been awarded a clean energy contract by German-based Aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH to jointly develop the largest windmill in China, in a move to boost the use of wind energy to try and resolve the country's soaring power demand.
14 Mar 2006

NREL, GE Energy Partner for Next-Gen Offshore Wind Turbines

Niskayuna, New York [] From the country with still not one wind turbine installed offshore comes news of a partnership between GE Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on a research and development contract to build a new fleet of next generation offshore wind turbines. And with the turbines expected in the 5-7 MW range, these could be the largest turbines ever built.
14 Mar 2006

Wind turbines planned as alternative energy source for Thailand

Wind turbines planned as alternative energy source for Thailand BANGKOK, March 12 (TNA) - The Energy Conservation Promotion Fund (ECPF) is supporting a project to produce electricity by wind turbines in two southern provinces, Director-General of the Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO), Metta Banturngsuk said Sunday.
12 Mar 2006

Plea to paint windmills in red and white

Coimbatore: With the Indian Air Force expressing concern over the safety of aircraft, while landing and taking off, due to tall structures, including windmills in the vicinity of Sulur Airport, Indian Wind Power Association (IWPA) has appealed to its members to paint the mills in red and white patterns.
16 Feb 2006

Making money out of thin air

The advantage of investing in a wind turbine [in India] is that 80 per cent of the project cost is considered accelerated depreciation given as a tax benefit for renewable energy during the first year. Editor's Note: Experts estimate that in the USA as much as two-thirds of a wind developer's return on investment is generated by the Production Tax Credit and depreciation allowances. Without these subsidies wind development would be a modest fraction of current levels.
12 Jan 2006
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