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Hidden costs of wind power

​Most people assume wind power is the cheapest, greenest power Golden Valley Electric Association generates. But if wind power is not carefully balanced with other power sources, it can drive up your electric bill — as well as greenhouse gas emissions.
19 Apr 2017

GVEA denies wind farm request

Golden Valley Electric Association officials said the electric co-op has denied a request for interconnection from Delta Wind Farm which proposed construction of a 13.5 megawatt wind farm in the Delta Junction area. GVEA officials said the proposal was rejected because an additional wind farm would be a greater expense to the co-op and its customers. 
18 Mar 2017

Wind-farm developer asks court to overturn approval of GVEA Tariff

Delta Wind Farm President and CEO Mike Craft is taking the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to court. Craft is asking a judge to overturn the commission’s approval of a Golden Valley Electric Association tariff filed last summer. He claims the tariff violates new state regulations intended to help renewable-energy projects — like his access the grid.
14 Nov 2016

Wind power complaint against Fairbanks utility rejected

In the years since, Craft has worked to convince GVEA to use his expanded wind farm as a complement to the 25-megawatt Eva Creek project. GVEA officials have said the fluctuating nature of wind power limits the amount that it can integrate into its system. Borgeson said in a statement that the co-op is concerned the added wind power would raise its rates.
22 Oct 2013

A limit on wind power

Mr. Craft is circulating a flyer claiming that Delta Wind will save GVEA members $4 million a year. But the numbers don’t add up. First, AEP wants 12.5 cents per kWh for its wind — 25 percent higher than power from GVEA’s Eva Creek Wind farm. Second, Mr. Craft has claimed that his wind farm is “free” to GVEA. But [ratepayers] would pay in the form of higher electric bills for many years. It’s kind of like the “free” phone you get from the wireless company. You end up paying for it — and more — when you’re locked into a contract.
20 Oct 2013

Wind power producers ask regulators for rate certainty

Borgeson said that Golden Valley cannot justify buying wind power from Craft if it doesn't beat the average production cost under current regulations. "We would love to have Mike Craft's wind (power). It's in the right spot, at Delta, to have power generated there," he said. "It's just got to be a fair economic deal - it's got to work for both of us."
5 Sep 2013

Owner of Delta wind farm files complaint against GVEA

"There's a cost of regulating wind. ... When the wind and the turbines are spinning, we get 24 megawatts, but when the wind stops within a few minutes we get nothing," he said. "We have to throttle up the turbines, otherwise we're going to put people in the dark." The GVEA grid already includes up to 25 megawatts of wind power.
31 Aug 2013

Wind farm near Anchorage a landmark for renewable energy

But don't expect cheaper power ...Construction costs for the wind farm total about $65 million. Chugach agreed to buy the power at 9.7 cents per kilowatt hour, higher than the 6 cents per kilowatt hour Chugach pays on average. Fire Island will add a bit more than a dollar to the average residential monthly bill," he said.
12 Aug 2012

Council postpones $4 million energy grant, rejects Fire Island wind

Council members said little, but apparently agreed with City Manager James Hunt, who said he was "very uncomfortable" with the proposal, and recommended that the council not do so. "We literally would be asking the citizens of Seward to write a blank check for participating in this project. I can't do that," Hunt said, adding, "It would increase our rate two fold, three fold, we have no idea."
17 May 2012

Audit finds fault with Air Force Alaska wind turbine project

The Air Force in 2009, flush with economic stimulus money, awarded contracts for wind turbines at three other remote Alaska locations -- Cape Newenham and Cape Romanzof in southwest Alaska and Cape Lisburne in northwest Alaska -- at a cost of $4.7 million each. They have not been constructed. Stimulus money was supposed to go for "shovel ready" projects and the wind turbines were not, the audit said.
14 Nov 2011

Wind farm struggles to sign up energy utilities

To make the integration seamless, ML&P wants CIRI to guarantee a certain amount of power in advance regardless of how strong the winds are. If the wind output falls short, ML&P wants CIRI to find an alternative energy source to make up the shortfall. "That doesn't work with wind ... That single item makes it unworkable."
24 Apr 2011

Southcentral utilities wrestle with pricey power options

The Alaska Energy Authority estimates that a Watana hydro project could generate power for about 6 cents per kilowatt hour, but that assumes that construction costs would be $5 billion or less, and that the state would pay for half of that. Without the state subsidy, Watana power would cost more than 10 cents per kilowatt hour.
21 Apr 2011

Assembly postpones decision on purchase of wind power

At the center of the controversy is a proposal by Cook Inlet Region Inc. to develop a wind project on Fire Island off Anchorage. Cook Inlet Region wants Municipal Light and Power to sign an agreement to purchase wind power. The company needs purchase agreements before it can go ahead.
13 Apr 2011
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