Library from Africa

Africa Finding space for both wind farms and eagles in South Africa 6 Jan
Africa Child labour, toxic leaks: the price we could pay for a greener future 4 Jan
Africa Google's plan for stake in Africa's flagship Lake Turkana wind farm 'cancelled' 16 Nov 2020
Africa Over 800 birds killed after colliding with turbines during four year period-study 30 Jul 2020
Africa L. Turkana wind project penalty cash cut in Covid-19 fight 1 Jun 2020
Africa US firm loses battle for Sh21b wind farm 5 May 2020
Africa Eskom tells country's wind farmers to stop producing electricity 2 Apr 2020
Africa Kenya’s ambitious wind turbines battle community land crosswinds 17 Mar 2020
Africa Google’s patience runs out and drops plans to buy stake at Africa’s largest wind farm project located in Kenya 11 Feb 2020
Africa Google abandons plan to buy stake in Kenya’s Lake Turkana wind power project 10 Feb 2020
Africa New judges for wind farm case 24 Oct 2019
Africa How Kenya’s mega wind power project is hurting communities 3 Sep 2019
Africa Wind transport driver dies in mountain crash 18 Jul 2019
Africa The untold story of Turkana power line 28 May 2019
Africa Great news: BirdLife South Africa halts plans for dangerous wind farm 20 May 2019
Africa Watson wind farm stopped - for now 16 Apr 2019
Africa Feathers fly over Watson wind farm plan 11 Apr 2019
Africa Kinangop wind farm sued for Sh1.2 billion 27 Jan 2019
Africa Mass negativity dimming shine of Africa's largest wind farm 17 Nov 2018
Africa Wind and Solar Farms Could Bring the Rains Down in Africa 11 Sep 2018
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