Wind Energy Easements

Attached is a Wind Energy Easement Outline that discusses in some detail various provisions that can be found in wind energy easement agreements.

The purpose of the outline is to give readers a general idea of what types of provisions might be contained in any easement agreement or easement option agreement that may be offered by wind energy developers in an effort to obtain certain wind energy easements over all or a portion of private land. It is not a comprehensive discussion of the topic and is meant only to be a guide. A wind energy easement agreement, like any easement agreement, is a legally binding agreement that needs to be carefully reviewed and understood before executing it. A wind energy easement agreement will have a long term effect on a property owner and his land. It will effect not only the current owner but future generations. It is important that those entering in easements not agree to or execute any easement agreement or easement option agreement until fully discussing it with an attorney and he or she has had an opportunity to review it. It is strongly advised that upon receiving a wind energy agreement or option agreement that one take it to their attorney along with the attached outline for his or her review.

Wind Easements

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JAN 1 2005
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