Notice Letter to Town of Londonderry and Overview of Proposed Glebe Mountain Wind Project

The wind turbine array will be located within a 1200 foot wide Project corridor that extends approximately 3.7 miles along the Glebe Mountain ridge.

Editor's Note: The cover letter is provided below. The pdf file provides an overview of the proposed project. Photos of the preliminary site plan and the overall facilities plan follow the cover letter. Both are also available in NWW's photo gallery.

Glebe Mountain Wind Energy, LL

Members: Catamount Energy Corporation
Marubeni Power International, Inc.

Delivered By Hand

Town of Londonderry
100 Old School Street
P.O. Box 118
South Londonderry, VT 05155

Re: Glebe Mountain Wind Energy, LLC Wind Energy Project

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter provides notice to the Town of Londonderry (the "Town") that Glebe Mountain Wind Energy, LLC, (the "Petitioner" or "GMWE") an affiliate of Catamount Energy Corporation and Marubeni Power International, Inc., proposes to construct a 47.5 megawatt (MW) wind energy project (the "Project") to be located on Glebe Mountain on lands owned by Magic Mountain Management, LLC and the McGraw Family Partnership, L.P. in Londonderry and Windham, Windham County, Vermont. The Project will consist of approximately 19 individual wind turbines, with the final number and location of the turbines subject to the turbine technology ultimately selected for the Project and final engineering design necessary to achieve the proposed 47.5 MWS. The Project will also include an approximately 5.8 mile long 34.5 kilovolt (kV)electrical transmission system, a substation that will provide an interconnection to the existing electric transmission system of Central Vermont Public Service (CVPS), construction access and service roads, and an administration building that will serve as the Project's Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Center (the "O&M Building").

The following Attachments are enclosed with this letter:

Attachment 1 — Overall Facilities Plan
Attachment 2 — Preliminary Site Plan
Attachment 3 — Vicinity Map
Attachment 4 — Substation and O&M Facility Plan
Attachment 5 — Typical Roadway Cross Sections
Attachment 6 — Potential Viewshed Impact Map
Attachment 7 — Typical Photo of Overhead Transmission Line

Below follows a general overview of the Project. Please note that the construction and other details of the Project are subject to modification pending the permitting process and final construction plans.

Preliminary Site Plan
Glebe Mountain: Preliminary Site Plan

Overall Facilities Plan
Glebe Mountain: Overall Facilities Plan
Catamount Notice 12 2005

Download file (156 KB) pdf

DEC 1 2005
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