Evaluation of Environmental Shadow Flicker: Analysis for “Dutch Hill Wind Power Project”

Two industrial wind turbine farms are proposed by parent UPC Wind Partners for the town of Cohocton, NY and will permanently alter the town. The large blades on MW scale turbines can at certain times produce moving shadows on the landscape or create distracting flicker on the scenery. To capture the wind these turbines are to be installed on hilltops around the town and thus have significant potential to create a shadow flicker nuisance at great distances from the turbines. All environmental effects of projects require consideration and possible mitigation. Siting selection is important since wind turbines are a permanent installation and may significantly impair resident’s enjoyment of neighboring lands or even personal health.

It is a well documented fact that shadow flicker is a serious environmental pollutant that can have significant harmful effects on the welfare of persons subjected to it. The WEI study is fatally flawed due to critical modeling errors. The scope of the community impact of the project as proposed is substantially greater than the 200 residences indicated with regard to both the hours of nuisance and the potential number of harmfully affected persons.

When coupled with the noise pollution and visual degradation that many residents will be subjected to, it is clear that wind farm turbine siting setbacks should be increased to a minimum of 3,000 feet from any residence.

SEQR regulations specifically require and demand strong and effective mitigation measures by the applicant in order to protect the public welfare and residents’ rights. This fatally flawed study does not comply with SEQR regulations. A new, thorough and competent analysis must be done to correct the critical errors before the project can be approved.

Shadow Flicker Analysisof Upc Wind Cohocton Sdeis 2b R Bolton

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JAN 30 2007
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