Green energy: An emerging insurance issue

This useful document examines possible insurance claims, including nuisance claims that might be filed against a renewable energy developer and how the courts might respond to such claims. 

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is critical that insurance professionals stay abreast of new developments, understand the effect of these developments on the insurance industry, and remain prepared to respond to the issues when they arise. One of the newest topics arising in the insurance industry is that of "green energy". Some of the insurance questions this issue brings with it are: what type of claims can arise because of renewable energy "devices" and installations; and what implications, if any, are there on coverage under typical forms of insurance policies. While not all answers to these questions are available at this stage in the emergence of "green energy", consideration will be given to available case law and anticipated claims and potential coverage issues

Green Energy An Emerging Insurance Issue

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MAY 18 2011
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