Impacts of Wind Energy Development on Bats: A Global Perspective

This important paper summarizes the known impacts of wind turbines on bats worldwide. More importantly, the paper explains how limited information is on the impacts and the discontinuity of studies conducted by region and country. The abstract is provided below. The full paper can be downloaded from the links on this page.


Wind energy continues to be one of the fastest growing renewable energy sources under development, and while representing a clean energy source, it is not environmentally neutral. Large numbers of bats are being killed at utilityscale wind energy facilities worldwide, raising concern about cumulative impacts of wind energy development on bat populations. We discuss our current state of knowledge on patterns of bat fatalities at wind facilities, estimates of fatalities, mitigation efforts, and policy and conservation implications. Given the magnitude and extent of fatalities of bats worldwide, the conservation implications of understanding and mitigating bat fatalities at wind energy facilities are critically important and should be proactive and based on science rather than being reactive and arbitrary.

Arnett Etal 2015 Impacts Of Wind On Bats A Global Perspective

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NOV 30 2015
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