Three wind turbines on BNSF train impact Des Moines River Bridge

KEOKUK, IA — Three wind turbines impacted the Des Moines River Bridge in Keokuk Saturday morning just after 6:30 a.m. 

According to Public Affairs Director Andy Williams, the train was travelling southbound over the Des Moines River when it was carrying a total of 24 wind turbine blades.

Williams told KHQA the train was able to uncouple, or detach, from the cars that we're involved in the incident and reverse out of the bridge.

The train did not derail according to Williams.

No injuries were reported and train traffic has now resumed, though at a slower pace until Monday.

Williams says an initial investigation by BNSF bridge inspectors deemed the bridge safe to travel. a full investigation will be launched on Monday to determine cause of the incident.

Turbine Blade Hits Bridge

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JUN 2 2018
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