Don't fall for this wind project

The Western Area Power Administration held an open house in Tripp Dec. 13, which seemed to be hijacked by Prevailing Winds and turned into a pep rally.

The representative from WAPA explained to our group that public input was being gathered to help them prepare an Environmental Assessment under the EPA Act that evaluates environmental effects of the proposed project on resources such as wetlands, vegetation and wildlife, cultural and recreational sources, as well as other social, economic and environment effects. Nothing about people.

The very next day in The Daily Republic, Erik Johnson from Prevailing Winds was quoted: "Bon Homme County has one of the best wind ordinances I've ever seen. It's very thorough."

He goes on to say "wind turbines must be at least 1,000 feet away from any residence, so the turbine would not impact any residence if it fell."

And then he says "To meet the decibel requirement (45) turbines typically have to be 1,400 feet away from a residence."

That makes no sense, if it takes 1,400 ft. to be under the noise limit, how can 1,000 ft. be the "best?"

Simple: It's the best for Erik Johnson and Prevailing Winds. He didn't say "safe" he said "best." Walworth County has the "best and safest setback in the state of two miles from a residence. Prevailing Winds has brought in the big guns now, the high pressure "land acquisition agents." They are bluffing again that this project is ready to be built, just like they did 18 months ago. Don't fall for it.

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DEC 30 2017
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