Case Report: Cross-Sensitisation to infrasound and low frequency noise


This Case Report describes an episode experienced by two noise-sensitised individuals during a field trip. Exposed to residential infrasound and low frequency noise due coal mining activities, the subjects reacted suddenly, strongly and unexpectedly to pressure pulses generated by a wind farm located at a different town, approximately 160 km by road from their residence. Simultaneous physiological data obtained in one subject and subjective sensations occurring during the episode are reported. Acoustical evaluations of the location of the episode are also reported. The possibility of a nocebo effect as an etiological factor for their bodily reactions is cogently eliminated. The degree of cross-sensitisation to acoustical phenomenon depends on prior exposure histories, and on the temporal characteristics of the acoustical phenomenon.

Icben Rapley Bakker Alves Pereira And Summers Cross Sensitisation To Ilfn

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NOV 23 2017
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