Wind blade breaks, tower crumples like paper

CROATIA -- Zadar County is among the leaders in the production of electricity from renewable sources, mostly wind power plants. But they are now - one turbine less. At the first facility erected in Croatia, a wind turbine collapsed in the middle of a strong wind.

The damage is estimated to be around 600 thousand euros. The remaining six turbines were in full operation and no damage was noted.

The director of Wind Farms Pag, Tonci Panza, said yesterday that strong winds were present at the project site and it is one of the reasons to investigate and determine the cause of the collapse.

Panza said that this is the first such incident in Croatia, since we've added wind to the electrical grid, and it is important that no one was injured and we have  taken all security measures including turning the project off. 

First of all, one of the three blades on the wind turbine was broken. Each blade is 25 meters long. The broken blade was ejected from the tower and thrown hundred of meters from the turbine tower. It is believed that with the remaining two blades still spinning, the tower became inbalanced and collapsed.

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OCT 7 2017
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