Turbine burned - 500,000 euro loss

On Thursday, a wind turbine burned in Lathen (Emsland). The total loss, according to police was about 500,000 euros. The fire was believed to have been caused by a defective gearbox casing. Firefighters were at the site in the morning but the situation was not under control until afternoon. By the time they arrived the nacelle and the rotor blades were already in flames.

Wide-area blocking the fire

Because of the height of the turbine the firefighters had no choice but to let the plant burn controlled, according to a spokesman. The fire department did not have as long aerial ladders. The area around the plant was largely blocked off in the event of burning parts falling to the ground.

Fire destroy plants

Wind turbines catch fire from time to time. The last reported fire occured in April when a turbine burned in the district of Stade from. That fire produced damage amounting to several hundred thousand euros. At the end of December 2015 the housing of a turbine located in Laar (Grafschaft Bentheim) burst into flames.

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JUL 7 2016
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