Inferior technology turbines burst into fire

Ratlam, INDIA : There is a great thrust in the area of renewable energy and state governments go extra mile to attract projects but in the race for generating green energy, it looks like quality and superior technology are taking a back seat. On 23 March an INOX wind turbine went up in flames emitting huge amount of smoke creating panic among the villagers nearby in last week. The incident happened in Jasdhan, Rajkot, Gujarat. 

The modelDF 93.3 is a certified project by C-WET Again another INOX wind turbine went up in flames in Jaora in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh in the wee hours of Sunday raising questions on the quality of the technology used and its ability to adapt to Indian conditions. The location has installations of other wind companies like Wind World (India) Limited (WWIL), Enercon (India), Suzlon Energy and ReNew wind that are operating for many years

In Flames

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APR 9 2016
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