Boone County Illinois wind ordinance

Following 9 months of testimony and cross examination as well as supportive votes cast by the Boone County zoning board of adjustment, the full county board met and passed this wind energy ordinance with a 9 to 3 margin. The ordinance provides for several protective provisions including establishing setback distances of 2,640 feet or 5.5 times the height of the wind turbine including the blades at the highest point, whichever is greater. A protion of the ordinance is provided below. The full document can be accessed by clicking the links on this page.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the County Board Chair and County Board Members of the County of Boone, State of Illinois, as follows: 

Section 1. That the following sections of the Boone County Zoning Ordinance, adopted July 9, 2008, be amended to read as follows:


4.8.1. Purpose. It is the purpose of this Section to:

1. Assure the protection of health, safety, welfare and property values for all Boone County residents and landowners.

2. Assure that any development and production of wind-generated electricity in Boone County is safe and effective.

3. Facilitate economic opportunities for local residents.

4. Promote the supply of wind energy in support of Illinois' statutory goal of increasing energy production from renewable energy sources.

4.8.2. Applicability. This ordinance governs the siting of wind energy conversion systems (WECS) and Substations that generate electricity to be sold to wholesale or retail markets, except that owners of WECSs with an aggregate generating capacity of 1.5 MW or less and that locate the WECS on their own property are not subject to requirements of this Section.

4.8.3. Prohibition. No WECS or Substation governed by section 4.8.2 of this ordinance shall be constructed, erected, installed, or located within Boone County unless prior siting approval (approved special use and building permit issuance} has been obtained for each individual WECS and Substation pursuant to this Ordinance.

4.8.4. Special Use Permit Requirements. In addition to the standards and criteria established in Section 2.7, herein, no Special Use Permit shall be granted for the use(s) listed below unless evidence is presented to establish that_the standards and criteria set forth herein have been met. 


4.8.7 Design and Installation


H. SETBACKS. ALL WECS towers shall provide the following minimum setbacks:

1. From all property lines: All WECS towers shall be setback a distance of not less than two thousand six hundred forty (2,640) feet or 5.5 times the height of the WECS including the blades at the highest point, whichever is greater. A participating Landowner may waive this setback requirement, but in no case shall a WECS tower be located closer to a primary structure than one thousand five hundred (1500) feet or three times the height of the WECS including the blades at the highest point, whichever is greater.

2. From public roads, third party transmission lines, and communication towers: 2.0 times the WECS tower's height

3. The Applicant does not need to obtain a variance from the County upon waiver by either the County or property owner of any of the above setback requirements. Any waiver of any of the above setbacks shall run with the land and be recorded as part of the chain of title in the deed of the subject property.

New Wecs Ordinance Boone County Il

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NOV 15 2015
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