Fowler Ridge Wind farm - catastrophic turbine fire

The Fowler Ridge Wind facility experienced a catastrophic fire at one of its over 300 turbines. The Benton Review newspaper caught footage of the fire. Benton County dispatchers said fire crews were called to 100 South and Meridian Road just south of Fowler after there were reports of a wind turbine on fire.

The project, with a nameplate capacity of just over 600 megawatts, was built in three phases. Phases 1 & 3 erected 222 turbines equaling 402 megawatts used 182 Vestas V-82 1.65 megawatt turbines and 40 Clipper C-96, 2.5 megawatt turbines. Phase 2 erected 133 GE 1.5 MW turbines totaling 199.5 MW. The project is operated by BP Wind. Dominion Resources of Richmond, Virginia purchased all of the energy for Appalachian Electric Co.


FEB 21 2014
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