Wyoming Wind and Power cancels 900 MW wind project

Earlier in 2013, Wyoming Wind & Power LLC (WW&P) submitted an application to the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council seeking approval to construct and operate a 900 megawatt (300 turbine) facility in Platte, Goshen, Converse and Laramie counties. WW&P has canceled the project citing various reasons. A portion of the letter submitted to the Siting Council is provided below. The full letter can be accessed by clicking on the link(s) at the bottom of this page.


I am writing to inform you that due to changed business circumstances, Wyoming Wind and Power, LLC (WW&P) requests that the hearing on its application for an industrial siting permit for its Wyoming Wind Farm Project scheduled before the Industrial Siting Council on September 20, 2013 be vacated and that its application be withdrawn at this time.

As you are aware, there are numerous elements that must come together to develop a wind power generation project. Although great effort by many has gone into the development of the Wyoming Wind Farm Project, WW&P has come to the conclusion that due to changing business and power market circumstances, the company will no longer pursue its development in Platte and Goshen Counties. The federal government's announcement this spring that the Production Tax Credit (PTC) would be available for projects under construction before December 31, 2013, in addition to the presence of power marketing opportunities earlier this year, prompted WW&P to accelerate its application for and industrial siting permit. The company was working to ensure the many elements of the Project's development came together at the right time. After failing to capitalize on the power marketing opportunities and receiving a legal tax opinion that WW&P's qualification for the PTC is unlikely, we came to the conclusion that the chances of success for this Project had been whittled to hope.

Ww P Application Withdrawal Letter

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SEP 16 2013
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