Iberdrola violations involving Groton Wind project operations & maintenance building

Iberdrola Renewables received a permit to site a 48 megawatt (2MW turbines) along ridgelines in Groton, New Hampshire. The project also included a 4,000 +/- square foot operations and maintenance building to be located behind a thick row of trees.

During the construction phase of the project, Iberdrola decided to move the operations building hundreds of feet from the approved location. This change resulted in the clear-cutting of a forested area and placing the industrial building directly in the front yard of at least one abutted. Iberdrola claims that it was working within the permissions granted in the permit.

The company took this action without notifying New Hampshire's siting board (Site Evaluation Committee) who granted the permit. Abutters, the host and neighboring towns and no members of the public were notified. A complaint was filed and awaiting redress. The attached documents detail the complaint.


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130116app Buttolph

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130213cfp Response

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APR 24 2013
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