Brownsville, WI family diary: living with turbines (UPDATED)

Invenergy's Forward Wind facility, Brownsville WI

The Brownsville Diary: Entries of a noise log maintained by a Brownsville, Wisconsin family living 3/4 miles east of South Byron in Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin. The new wind turbines are now on-line and fully operational.


The Diary Begins on March 3, 2008:

Our family lives on County Road Y in Brownsville, Wisconsin, which is about 3⁄4 of mile east of South Byron.

Turbine # 4 is 1560 feet behind my house.

Turbine # 3a is about 500 feet mostly east and a little north of turbine #4.
Turbine #6 is about 3⁄4 of mile to the northwest of our home.

Across the road, mostly south and slightly west is turbine #73 at a distance of 2480 feet.

Down the hill to the west is turbine #74a which is about 3⁄4 of a mile away.
We can hear all five of these turbines at various times.

The diary has been compiled into separate downloadable files each representing a chronological period of three months or less. To access any of the diary's parts, click on the respective links below.

PART I: March 3 to April 30, 2008

PART II: May 1 to June 30, 2008

PART III: July 1 to August 5, 2008

PART IV: August 6 to August 31, 2008

PART V: September 1 to September 30, 2008

PART VI: October 1 to December 31, 2008

PART VII: January 1 to February 28, 2009


Partii Wind Noise Diary May1 Jun30

Download file (139 KB) pdf

Partiii Wind Noise Diary Jul1 Aug5

Download file (116 KB) pdf

Partv Wind Noise Diary Sep1 Sep30 08

Download file (105 KB) pdf

Partvi Wind Noise Diary Oct1 Dec31 08

Download file (181 KB) pdf

Partiv Wind Noise Diary Aug6 Aug31 08

Download file (98.4 KB) pdf

Parti Wind Noise Diary Mar3 Apr30 08

Download file (107 KB) pdf

Partvii Wind Noise Diary Jan01 Feb28 09

Download file (162 KB) pdf

FEB 28 2009
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