Not so fast: Siemens still wants wind subsidies

Siemens Wind Power has clarified earlier statements to make it clear that while they're opposed to short-term government subsidies, the company still supports long-term tax breaks for the wind power industry.

OSAWATOMIE - Siemens Wind Power looks forward to a future where wind can compete without subsidies from the federal government.

But not just yet.

Earlier this week we reported that Siemens, which operates a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Hutchinson, had called for the end of government subsidies for the wind energy industry. But, apparently what they said wasn't what they meant to say. What they meant to say was something else entirely.

Got it?

Siemens spokesperson Monika Wood clarified that, when she said the industry needs long-term tax and policy reform "that allows wind power to move toward a subsidy-free future," she was seeking an end to short-term subsidies.

Long-term government handouts are still in Siemens' playbook.

"Siemens supports a comprehensive tax reform policy discussion where all options are explored and until this occurs, we support an immediate and long-term extension of the (Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit)," Wood said.


JUL 11 2013
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