London Independent School District Resolution opposing wind energy development

WHEREAS wind turbines can negatively affect property values for several miles around them; and

WHEREAS wind turbines will impede growth within London Independent School District and will have a negative long-term effect on London Independent School District; and

WHEREAS wind turbines create noise and strobe effects on neighboring properties and can be detrimental to the environmental integrity, wildlife in our area, farm and ranch animals, livestock and pets; and

WHEREAS there have been only limited studies of the effect of electromagnetic fields (EMF) of wind farms on children and adults regarding cancer and other degenerative diseases; and

WHEREAS wind turbines are unsightly, detract from scenic views, and there are no safeguards to protect neighboring private property owners' rights from being invaded by these unsightly wind farms,

Now therefore be it resolved that London Independent School District:

1. Calls for an immediate end to State and Federal subsidies for wind and solar generators that give these generators an unfair monetary advantage over other conventional generating sources;

2. Calls for implementation of stricter permitting and public input processes for wind and solar generation;

3. Calls for full property appraisal assessment and potential effect on properties within or near a wind farm;

4. Opposes the construction and installation of industrial wind farms in the London
Independent School District.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 13th day of August, 2012 by the London Independent School District Board of Trustees.

London School Tx Resolution

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AUG 13 2012
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