Regional labor unions press for unsafe turbine setbacks in Indiana

Wind developer, Wind Capital Group, together with the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters (IKORCC) are pressing union members to defeat a modest 1,500 foot setback distance now under consideration in Whitley County, Indiana. This cover letter and accompanying form letter were sent to union members asking that they work to defeat any effort by citizens to establish safer setbacks in the county. The cover letter is shown below and can be accessed, along with the form letter, by selecting the links at the bottom of this page.

Dear Member,

Throughout the past twenty four (24) months the IKORCC has been working very closely with Wind Capital Group on a 150-250MW windfarm that they are proposing in Whitley County. The proposed windfarm has been met with resistance from a group called the Whitley County Concerned Citizens (WCCC). The WCCC seems to be the vocal minority, and has put a lot of pressure on a couple of the members of the Whitley County Plan Commission regarding the recommended setback distance of the wind turbines. At the last Whitley County Plan Commission (WCPC) meeting it was recommended by Commissioner George Schrumpf that the setback distance be 1500 feet from a non-participating property line, this distance is too great, and wouldn't allow the project to be built. The average setback distance that has been adopted in surrounding counties is 1000 feet from a residence, this is the setback distance that needs to be recommended for the Whitley County ordinance, so that Wind Capital Group can move forward with the project.

The working members of the IKORCC have logged over one million man hours constructing windfarms in Indiana, the wind generation industry had provided great economic benefits for members of the IKORCC. This project would create up to 250 long term construction jobs for our members, but we need your help to keep this project on track, we need to become the vocal majority. Enclosed along with this letter is an economic benefit sheet from Wind Capital Group for your review, a form letter written to the Whitley County Plan Commission (WCOC), and a self addressed stamped envelope addressed to the WCPC. We are asking you to fill in the blanks and sign the form letter, place it in the enclosed envelope and put it in the mail ASAP! These letters need to be received by the WCPC before February 14th. We are also asking for members to show up to the WCPC Meeting on February 15th to show support for this project. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tom Case (260) 484-1893 xt24, Will Klein (260) 484-1893 xt23, or Shane Harris (574) 807-1291.


Shane Harris
IKORCC Representative

Cover Letter

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Form Letter Fill In Blanks

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FEB 6 2012
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