Complaint against Fox Island Wind Electric Cooperative (Vinalhaven)

This complaint was filed with the Maine Public Utility on behalf of ratepayers and members of the Fox Islands Electric Cooperative ("FIEC") aggrieved by unreasonable practices engaged in and unreasonable rates charged by FIEC.

Background excerpt

The Aggrieved Parties include ratepayers and members of FIEC who reside near the wind turbine facility (the "Project") licensed to and operated on Vinalhaven by Fox Islands Wind, LLC ("FIW"), an entity owned by FIEC, affected by excessive noise from the Project, and also ratepayers and members who do not live near the Project and are not affected by noise but join in this complaint on principle, believing that FIEC has not treated those affected by excessive noise fairly.

Editor's note: Pages 20-24 of the complaint include an important detailed timeline of the events leading to this filing. The Vinalhaven wind turbines were put into service in November 2009. The residents living near the project experienced excessive noise immediately following the turbines going online.


Mpuc Complaint

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MAY 25 2011
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