Iberdrola land lease: Heartland Wind LLC

This wind energy lease agreement was negotiated between Iberdrola Renewables (operating as Heartland Wind LLC) and landowners in Livingston County, Illinois. The agreement was accepted into the public record by the County zoning board.

Key elements of the agreement to notice from a policy/government perspective are as follows:

1. The wind developer obtains control over future development of the subject properties, which are subject to a title restriction in the wind company's favor;

2. Local banks are being required and/or asked to subordinate their mortgages to the rights of the wind companies;

3. The contract continues for 30-50 years;

4. Default and transfer provisions are extremely extensive, and the landowner is gagged under a very stringent confidentiality provision and cannot do or say anything that might impede the wind project.

Iberdrola Wind Lease Illinois

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NOV 4 2010
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