Turbines causing problems for residents

FALMOUTH -- Wind turbines are a popular way to generate natural energy, but there's a price to pay for residents who live nearby.

The Falmouth Wind Turbine stands at almost 400 feet tall and has been in operation for 5 months. It's not the sound that bothers nearby residents, it's the low frequency pitches it can emit. Mark Cool lives less than a mile away from the turbine. He says the pitch can rattle his house and causes such severe headaches he has to sleep in his basement.

Manuel Gonzales also lives nearby. He is trying to sell his home, but blames the turbine for not being able to. Gonzales says that most prospective buyers are turned off by the nearby wind turbine.

Falmouth hasn't let the turbine complaints fall on deaf ears. They've put a sound restrictor on the turbine to cut down noise and they've also commissioned a sound study to help blend clean energy and a healthy piece of mind.

Wind energy is a clean, never-ending source of energy and the problems in Falmouth can serve as a learning process for future turbines. There are 28 proposed turbines in the permitting process from Buzzard's Bay to Wood's Hole and the recently approved Cape Wind Project in Nantucket Sound on the horizon.

JUL 25 2010
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