Call for immediate review of public health and safety standards near wind turbines

This important letter was submitted to the Commissioner John Auerbach of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in regard to industrial scale wind turbines being built close to where people live and gather.

The conclusion of the letter is excerpted below. The entire letter can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


It is imperative that your agency undertake an immediate and comprehensive review of all health aspects of wind turbine siting, particularly in those communities where wind projects have resulted in significant numbers of residents becoming ill, including Falmouth. Such affected communities should be the focus of a standard epidemiological study in an attempt to learn from them to help improve wind siting and placement of wind turbines in the future.

Furthermore, you and your agency have the obligation to immediately help the people who are now suffering due to health impacts from operating wind turbines. The public health and risks posed by industrial wind turbines represent unacceptable threats to the citizens of Massachusetts and require your personal and immediate intervention and action.

2010 06 02 Dph Letter

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JUN 2 2010
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