Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship initial brief regarding proposed Glacial Hills wind facility

The Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship("CWESt") opposes the application of Wisconsin Electric Power Company ("WEPCO") for a certificate of public convenience and necessity ("CPCN") to construct a wind electric generation facility to be known as the Glacier Hills Wind Park ("Glacier Hills"). First, the project would be a threat to human health and safety because of wind turbine noise and shadow flicker. Second, the project would substantially and unfairly reduce real property values. The Commission may not issue a CPCN without first determining that the project would promote the public health and welfare. Application of Wisconsin Electric Power Company for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Construct a Wind Electric Generation Facility and Associated Electric Facilities, to be Located in Fond du Lac County, Docket no. 6630-CE-294 (2007) (following Clean Wisconsin, Inc. v. Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, 2005 WI 93, ΒΆ 35). The evidence shows that, rather than promote the public health and welfare, this project threatens it. The full brief can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Cwe St Initial Brief

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NOV 24 2009
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