Dr. Michael Nissenbaum affidavit, Record Hill wind appeal

This affidavit by Dr. Michael Nissenbaum was submitted in support of an appeal filed with Maine's Board of Environmental Protection. The aggrieved parties are opposing the final order permitting the Record Hill wind energy facility issued by Maine's Department of Environmental Protection on August 20, 2009. The proposed project will include 22 industrial scale turbines sited in Roxbury, Maine. Dr. Nissenbaum asserts that turbines can cause adverse effects on human health.

Dr. Nissenbaum has conducted medical interviews with residents living near the Mars Hill wind energy facility in Mars Hill, Maine. His preliminary findings, as referenced in the affidavit can be found here. The appeal as filed by the residents can be access at this link.

Niss Record Hill Affidavit

Download file (680 KB) pdf

SEP 17 2009
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