This week's growing wind controversy

Windaction.org has been tracking a number of controversial wind energy stories that we will be commenting on in future Wind Alert! newsletters.

These include:

a) Legislation proposed in Ontario Canada, Montana, and Wisconsin aimed at fast-tracking wind energy development and silencing the voices of those concerned about massive towers spanning the landscape.

b) Active and substantial public participation in Nevada, Maine, Illinois, and Canada by those seeking to have their concerns addressed before green-lighting of wind energy projects. Over 350 people tried to attend one hearing in Illinois before it was postponed due to overcrowding conditions.

c) A "wind farmer" in Cohocton, New York who broke his silence and spoke out about the unbearable wind turbine noise he is living with. He joins a chorus of others cited in our opinions section who took the time to tell their stories. 

d) The most oft reported story this week, the push to build an expansive transmission network to deliver renewable energy US-wide. Lisa Linowes of Windaction.org will be speaking on this topic next week at the 12th Annual Midwest Energy Conference in Chicago. Watch for her presentation, "Transmission to Everywhere", that focuses on the flaws and high costs of this effort.

FEB 24 2009
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