Flight for Life policy on flying near windfarms

Flight for Life issued a notice to local law enforcement agencies and fire departments in Wisconsin advising them that they will not transfer patients from areas where wind turbines are located. The wording on the notice is below. A copy of the notice can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Important Information from FIGHT FOR LIFE about Windmill Farms


Windmill farms present Additional Hazards to Air Medical Transport Systems:


  • These windmills stand approximately 400 feet high with a wingspan of 270 feet.
  • Visibility of them at night or with gray skies is limited.
    • They can create vortices equal to the turbulence created by a 747 aircraft.
      • The windmill farms are generally grouped into defined "clusters." Only windmills along the circumference of each cluster are identified with obstruction lights.
        • Due to safety considerations, FLIGHT FOR LIFE will not land within these clusters because of the risks posed to air medical transport.


          FLIGHT FOR LIFE will work with your department to determine a safe landing zone perimeter surrounding each windmill farm cluster within your service's response area.

          We would be happy to discuss our operations relating to a windmill farm cluster specific to your department's service area. Please call our FLIGHT FOR LIFE Fond du Lac Base office at (920) 924-0062 and we will arrange a time to meet with you.

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          AUG 14 2008

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