Wind wrongs in Roxbury, Maine

Independence Wind, LLC which includes Former Maine Governor Angus King as a principal, is seeking to build a 50 megawatt wind energy facility in rural Roxbury, Maine. King's authority to build the project is governed by a poorly-written zoning amendment rushed to the voters last March. The amendment permits industrial wind turbines, but establishes no setback buffers, noise limits, or other requirements necessary to protect the residents and real property from the large-scale development.

Just three weeks after the amendment passed, attorneys for a citizen's group submitted detailed letters to the town highlighting procedural illegalities pertaining to the March vote and other gross inadequacies with the zoning amendment itself. On June 17, the Town will vote again to consider a 180-day moratorium on the construction of wind energy facilities.

Independence Wind and Governor King, who stand to gain financially by the zoning amendment now in place, were involved in its adoption each step of the way, including King's presence at the March vote. As a former Chief of State and an attorney, Governor King knows the laws of his State, the importance of open and fair government, and the value of maintaining the public's trust -- all of which appear to have been abused in this process.

Windaction.org calls on Governor King and Roxbury's Select board to denounce the zoning amendment now on the books, endorse the moratorium, and make every effort to ensure a new ordinance is written that protects the rights and interests of Roxbury taxpayers.

JUN 16 2008
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