Evidence of Dr Robyn Phipps in the matter of the Moturimu wind farm application

Dr. Robyn Phipps provided testimony before the Joint Commissioners in the Matter of the Moturimu Wind Farm Application. Dr. Phipps' evidence consists of four areas of concern:

• The first is a presentation of a survey of Visual and Noise effects experienced by residents currently living close to the existing wind farms in the Tararua and Ruahine ranges.

• The second aspect is a review of literature on health effects, other than hearing loss, from exposure to noise and vibration as well as the transmission of noise and vibration into buildings.

• The third aspect is addressing the suggestion that adverse impacts of noise can be satisfactorily remedied by modifications to homes. Particularly it addresses an assessment of the effectiveness of sealing a home to stop noise intrusions.

• The fourth topic is solar energy and energy efficiency as alternative means of addressing energy supply issues.

The entire testimony can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
The research paper documenting the findings of Dr. Phipps can be accessed at by clicking here.  

Phipps Moturimutestimony

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MAR 8 2007
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