Oregon-OSHA report on fatality at the Klondike III wind facility

The official OR-OSHA report on the August 2007 turbine collapse at the Klondike III wind facility in Oregon can be accessed below. Siemens Power Generation, Inc. was fined $10,500 and cited in part for failing to properly train personnel.

Randy H. Zwin President
Siemens Power Generation, Inc.
CT Corporation System
388 State St Ste 420
Salem, OR 97301

Inspection Site:
99436 Klondike Ln.
Wasco, OR 97065

In the interest of assuring a safe and healthy workplace, the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) conducted an inspection at a workplace under your control. During this inspection, violation of the Oregon Safe Employment Act and occupational health and/or safety rules were found.

This citation lists the violation and a date by which they must be corrected. If you are not able to correct the violations by the correction date, you must apply for an extension of the correction date by following the instructions outlined later in this citation. Oregon laws require that under certain conditions violations of safety and healthy rules carry a civil penalty. If penalties have been assessed on this citation, they have been computed in conformity with Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 437, Division 1. If you want to appeal this citation, file our request for hearing within 30 calendar days as outlined on the reverse side of this page. If you choose not to appeal this citation, it becomes a final order 30 calendar days after reviewing it. You must abate the violations referred to in this Citation by the dates listed, and pat the proposed penalties.

An effective Safety and Health program not only assures the correction of cited violations, it also requires actions to prevent violations from recurring. Through continued cooperation of employers, employees and OR-OSHA, a safe and healthful workplace for all Oregon employees can be achieved.

Michael D. Wood, Administrator
Oregon OSHA

Editor's note: The full report can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Osh Areport2 20 08

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FEB 20 2008
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