Bird populations declining in North America

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) aired this segment on the dramatic decline in bird populations across North America.

The segment, entitled Bye Bye Birdies, explains how modern trends in farming, forestry and housing are destroying tens of millions of common birds. Overwhelming evidence suggests the species of birds mentioned in the video are disappearing in response to the continual and methodical loss and degradation of their habitat - involving their nesting areas, wintering areas and along their migration paths. Today, most migratory songbirds encounter and must get around cell phone and other tall communication towers during their twice yearly sojourn to the south and back. Now, huge wind turbines are being erected by the thousands (and, based on regional interconnection queues, soon to be tens of thousands), which will add to the cumulative stress and strain songbird populations are suffering.

Wind energy advocates continue to assert that modern wind turbines are kinder and gentler to avian life. However, news reports from Texas, California, and Australia this past week alone suggest risk to migratory birds is real and growing.

JAN 7 2008
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