Gail Mair: Italian wind farm diary

This 12-month diary (January 2007 through December 2007) was compiled by Gail Mair. Mrs. Mair lives with her husband Walter in Tuscany, Italy. Gail (fluent in English, German, and Italian) and Walter (a native of Italy) bought this piece of property some years ago and, in October 2006, moved into the (modest) dream house they had just built. It was to be their retirement home. As construction on their new home was coming to an end, wind developer, Gamesa, was completing construction on its windfarm nearby. In November 2006, the turbines were turned on and the problems of noise were started -- Day after day, relentless, unending. Gail and Walter have asked that their diary be circulated widely, in the hope of saving other communities and individuals from the misery they are living through.

The project site includes 10 Gamesa G90 wind turbines of 2-MW each for a total of 20 MW. Gail’s residence is 850 – 900 meters (2750 – 2950 feet) from the nearest turbines.  The turbines went on-line in November 2006, and there are 10 turbines in all.  The landscape is hilly. 

  • 2.0 MW G90 turbine
  • hub height 78 m (256 feet)
  • rotor blade 43.5 m (143 feet)
  • total height 121.5 m (400 feet)




Italian Windfarm Diary

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JAN 1 2008
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