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Latest News and Posts

New York New York proposes rules to speed renewable projects, but local control, other issues could be contentious 18 Sep
Nebraska Group continues legal battle to reverse Cherry County's endorsement of Kilgore-area wind farm 18 Sep
Ohio Plans for Lake Erie wind farm clear a major hurdle, as ‘poison pill’ restriction is lifted 18 Sep
Wyoming Debate continues over wind regulations 17 Sep
Illinois Christian County board votes in favor of ZBA amendments effectively ending wind farms in the county 16 Sep
USA New Jersey New Jersey legislators call to suspend offshore wind approval 15 Sep
Ohio ‘Poison pill’ ruling for Lake Erie wind farm will stand, according to draft order 16 Sep
Ohio The red-hot, hardly serene green vs. Green New Deal 14 Sep
Wyoming Wyoming lawmakers surprise public with proposal to repeal three-year electricity tax exemptions for wind energy 16 Sep
USA Offshore wind energy will deliver few U.S. jobs; Lack of oversight means most jobs will be overseas 15 Sep
Ontario After eight-month lull Nation Rise spinning again 15 Sep
Ontario North Stormont nixes fire suppression bylaw for turbines-- for now 9 Sep
Ohio Vestas and EDPR to investigate why V150 blade broke off at Ohio site 10 Sep
Wyoming 1,200+ Signatures gathered in Laramie Wind Energy protest 14 Sep
Indiana 'Windfall to some, a curse to many': Tipton wind farm pays millions in taxes, but anti-wind sentiment remains 14 Sep
Texas Forum: Wind energy companies gaming the system at taxpayers' expense 11 Sep
New York NY wind farm wants $21M tax break for 2 permanent jobs 15 Sep
Wyoming Albany County residents deliver petition urging regulatory overhaul for wind energy 15 Sep
Kansas Pretty Prairie wind farm lawsuit dismissed, allowing it to be appealed 14 Sep
Rhode Island Ratepayers on hook for portion of Block Island wind farm cable mess 14 Sep
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