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Latest News and Posts

Ontario Cancel Amherst Island wind energy project: Runciman 26 Oct
Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island MA, CT, and RI to negotiate wind, solar deals; Unusual three-state bid process yields 7 projects 26 Oct
New York Recent winds create snag for Jericho Rise wind farm project 25 Oct
Vermont Windham board says town now has less control over wind funds 24 Oct
Vermont Swanton Wind developer wants board to speed things up 25 Oct
Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island Maine wind power and transmission projects lose out 26 Oct
USA Vermont Big Wind Tries Voter Payola in Vermont 20 Oct
Vermont American Bird Conservancy says no to wind turbine project 24 Oct
New York Avangrid Renewables plans new wind farm project 23 Oct
USA Ohio Canada Offshore wind plan in Lake Erie criticized internationally 24 Oct
Ontario University prof investigates lifespan of wind turbines 24 Oct
USA Indiana Study finds wind turbines killing migratory birds 22 Oct
Indiana Wind opponents’ signs being stolen 22 Oct
UK Red kites have halted a Welsh wind farm because of fears they could be killed by the spinning blades 20 Oct
Vermont Poll: Local input matters in energy decisions 23 Oct
Ontario Bad actors 21 Oct
UK Leswalt wind farm refusal overturned 23 Oct
Michigan Broken blades on two turbines east of Kinde 22 Oct
Vermont Skeptical residents engage with Zuckerman on wind project 20 Oct
USA Rhode Island Con: Wind an even bigger boondoggle than ethanol 22 Oct
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