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Latest News and Posts

North Carolina Lawmakers file bill to reject wind farms in North Carolina – again 23 Mar
Colorado Calhan wind farm situation remains unresolved; Nextera says turbines are within safety guidelines 24 Mar
Colorado Reassurances fail to convince some neighbors El Paso County wind farm is safe 24 Mar
Colorado Homeowners speak to El Paso County commissioners on wind farm concerns 24 Mar
Ontario Rural residents protest planned construction of 16 to 20 turbines despite strong vote opposing it 24 Mar
Michigan Governor's Commission rejects voters' judgment on more windmills 24 Mar
USA Tennessee Alexander: TVA shouldn't raise Tennesseans' electric bills to buy power it doesn't need 23 Mar
UK North Norfolk council taxpayers will fund expensive legal challenge, wind farm developers claim as appeal confirmed 23 Mar
North Carolina Military concerns spark proposed wind moratorium In North Carolina 23 Mar
Pennsylvania Ogle Township supervisors get an earful on windmill issue 22 Mar
New York Town of Hopkinton passes wind turbine moratorium; councilman does not believe it will make a difference 21 Mar
Australia We paid $4.5m to keep power stable for a day 21 Mar
Alaska GVEA: Financial cost of interconnecting Delta Wind Farm 15 Mar
Alaska GVEA denies wind farm request 18 Mar
New Hampshire Antrim residents strike down acquisition of conservation easement 21 Mar
UK Wind farm boss says Necton residents’ homes are safe despite plans showing a substation on top of them 21 Mar
California Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility: Wrong from the start 20 Mar
Comments by the Academic Editors Regarding: “Evaluation of Quality of Life of Those Living near a Wind Farm“: 8 Mar
Australia SA power: Windfarm standards changed to prevent further blackouts after AEMO recommendation 20 Mar
USA PTC glide-path 'not a done deal' warns congressman 17 Mar
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