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Latest News and Posts

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Michigan DTE president makes promises 22 Apr
Tennessee Political Notebook: Alexander praises House wind power moratorium 24 Apr
New York Clayton town council pushes additional zoning regulations and scenic destination 25 Apr
Massachusetts Philips Lightolier wind turbine shutdown for work 25 Apr
Altered cortical and subcortical connectivity due to infrasound administered near the hearing threshold – Evidence from fMRI 12 Apr
New Hampshire Project manager says Spruce Ridge Wind Farm proposal likely to return 25 Apr
USA Protect the Eagles: End USFWS’s 30-Year ‘Take’ Permits 25 Apr
Texas Oncor Proposes Rate Increase for Solar, Wind Customers 24 Apr
Massachusetts NIMBYism wasn't issue, the environment was 23 Apr
Oklahoma Business Viewpoint with Osage Chief Standing Bear: Wind farms cause cultural, economic damage 23 Apr
USA Michigan Wind industry titan soaks up billions in tax subsidies 23 Apr
Michigan Michigan residents protest wind power 21 Apr
Hawaii Wind power raises Maui electric bills 20 Apr
North Carolina Windmill legislation remains up in the air 20 Apr
Iowa 'Flickers' and 'stray voltage': Why these Iowans really, really hate wind power 21 Apr
Nevada Cancellation of Searchlight Wind project protects tortoises, golden eagles 21 Apr
Maine Wind power advocates alarmed by bill to move Monhegan test site 18 Apr
Maryland A second offshore wind farm pitch: another cool reception 21 Apr
Tennessee State House puts curbs on wind farms pending study 21 Apr
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