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Latest News and Posts

Connecticut Utility company wants turbines bigger than jumbo jets for U.S. wind farm 9 Dec
Kansas Wind farm opponent arrested in alleged shooting incident 7 Dec
Michigan Sherwood passes wind turbine ordinance 6 Dec
Maryland U.S. Wind says Ocean City offshore wind project face significant delay 6 Dec
Michigan Group wins victory in slowing down turbines 6 Dec
Ireland Court orders Waterford wind farm must be put on 'standby mode' 6 Dec
Mexico Mexico’s clean energy sector gets renewable credit win 29 Nov
UK Developer defends decision to submit new plans for rejected wind farm 29 Nov
UK Council loses Supreme Court appeal over whether community fund donation was material consideration for grant of planning permission 20 Nov
New Mexico Wind power transmission In Torrance County gets federal approval 25 Nov
UK UK offshore wind decommissioning costs already at £4bn 27 Nov
Nebraska Sandhillers' worry: 'What are the hills going to look like when they get done?' 28 Nov
Michigan Boards snub $10 million Nextera settlement offer 24 Nov
Germany The Germans fighting wind farms close to their homes 26 Nov
New Mexico Wind power transmission in Torrance County gets federal approval 25 Nov
Top Shell executive slams offshore wind over safety record 26 Nov
Orsted says 'you can't have it both ways' on price and local benefits 26 Nov
New York Invenergy plans to use new turbine, eliminate 46 Alle-Catt turbine sites 26 Nov
USA Mixed signals in Senate on year-end energy talks 20 Nov
New York County Health Board backs 1.5-mile setback for turbines 22 Nov
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