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Latest News and Posts

Indiana Residents differ on what it’s like to live near wind turbines 19 Apr
Oklahoma Political rivals strike deal on wind power tax 20 Apr
Ohio What’s happening with the long-proposed wind farm in Champaign County? 19 Apr
Indiana More wind farms likely in Indiana’s future, but probably not near Fort Wayne and Allen County 20 Apr
Illinois DeWitt Co. OKs wind turbine setbacks, not height limits 20 Apr
Ontario Ford says PCs will look into local wind turbine issues 21 Apr
Massachusetts Fishermen air concerns about Vineyard Wind 20 Apr
UK Study of wind turbine effects on seabirds ‘very optimistic interpretation’ of data, RSPB says 19 Apr
Massachusetts Savoy rejects wind turbine building permit; developer plans appeal 20 Apr
New Hampshire Opponents seek suspension of Antrim Wind Energy’s construction certificate 20 Apr
Ireland Wind farm objectors’ claims over assessment obligations upheld by European court 18 Apr
USA U.S. wind power slows thanks to tax policy meant to boost It 18 Apr
Europe In Sweden, wind farms and warplanes battle for airspace 18 Apr
South Dakota Humboldt supervisors continue to hammer out wind tower ordinance 18 Apr
Iowa Black Hawk County zoning board endorses controversial wind farm 18 Apr
New York How fishermen could thwart Cuomo’s offshore wind master plan 15 Apr
Iowa Wind Farm showdown this week 15 Apr
Australia The struggle for power 11 Apr
Kansas Oklahoma Osage County board OKs permit for wind farm near Kansas border 14 Apr
Iowa Wind farm opponents organizing 11 Apr
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